Mother’s Day at Monarch Liqueurs

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday 31 March, we thought we’d offer some help to anyone who is stuck for a gift to give their mum, or their kids’ mum.

While it’s not the case that every mum is alike, we have noticed that many of the people who purchase certain of our products are female. So we can confidently say that a lot of ladies like our Rum with Toffee and Apple, and our Damson Gin liqueur, in case you needed help choosing.

Monarch Liqueurs’ Rum with Toffee and Apple is a richly flavoured rum, with subtle toffee and apple highlights, and is our number 1 best seller. Great neat or with ice, we can also recommend it over ice-cream or stirred into an adults-only apple crumble. It’s great value, at £13.00 for 250ml, and we suspect you’ll be back for more before Christmas!

Damson Gin Liqueur is made from damsons, which are a type of plum. Damsons have a sharper taste than plums, although sweeter than sloes, which are also from the same family. This slightly sweet tartness blends very well with juniper, and the result is a sophisticated gin liqueur that can be enjoyed neat, with mixers or as a cordial. We can definitely recommend it with Prosecco, for instance. Again, great value for money, at just £13.00 for 250ml.

If you have a list of people to shop for Mother’s Day, you might be interested to know that we have free shipping on orders over £30.00, otherwise it’s £4.50 up to 2kg.


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