Happy Easter

Easter’s coming soon – what should I drink with my Easter egg?

If you’ve been into any shop selling food recently, you’ll probably have seen displays of chocolate eggs, including some very elegant eggs targeted at adults. We decided that, if you’re going to be eating chocolate soon, maybe a nice glass of an equally sophisticated adult beverage might be appropriate. In our range of liqueurs, there are some which pair very nicely indeed with chocolate, should you be interested…

The top of our list is Tamar Tipple Vodka and Rich Chocolate. You almost don’t need the Easter egg at all, with this one! It’s a truly indulgent treat, and makes a wonderful glass of hot chocolate or mocha. It can also be whisked with a little double cream to become an ice-cream sauce. Our Vodka is made by Torrs Vodka in Okehampton, and is very smooth indeed – they’ve won awards for it.

Tamar Tipple Rum and Chocolate Mint  is our second suggestion: a smooth Caribbean rum paired with a gentle hint of mint and luxurious dark chocolate. Perfect for after dinner. With both of these products, the chocolate is completely natural, and dairy free, so there is none of that artificial tang you find in chocolate-flavoured products. Fill a small glass and then slowly pour double cream on top and’ hey presto’ you have Chocolate Mint Rum that looks like an Irish coffee. Lovely in a hot coffee too. 

Cherries and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and if you like Black Forest Gateau, you’ll love our Tamar Tipple Vodka Cherry with an Easter egg on the side. We’re rather proud of this particular product, as it won a Silver award at the Taste of the West awards this year! We use local cherries, whenever we can source them, and Vodka Cherry has scored very high marks in our taste tests, with Champagne, Prosecco and gin, as well as over ice.

All these products are available as 25cl bottles for £12.50, and miniatures for £5.25 (except the Chocolate Vodka). You can still order in time for Easter – our last order date is 18th April 2019.


Cliff & Liz