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In 1996 in Agerola, Michele Mascolo founded L’Alambicco, an artisan – liquor workshop. His belief was in a business that could place more importance in local, antique liquors and the values they represent in our culture; like respect for the environment and a final quality product; due to a small and well regulated, seasonal production.

The liquor recipes that have been handed down through generations, are exceptional in their simplicity. It isn’t a matter of long and complex distillations or secret ingredients, particular factors that are removed from the ancient farming culture. Instead it involves an alcohol infusion of aromas easily found locally among our fertile Mediterranean vegetation. 

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20cl, 50cl


Chianti Style, Square, Teardrop, Triangular, Tulip

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  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    Came across you at Buckland and bought a bottle of your Limoncello – This has to be the best Limoncello ever, and we spend our holidays in Italy!! MW

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      Many thanks for your comment – it is much appreciated.

      We have a very special offer on our Limoncello at the moment.

      Kind regards


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